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A helpful guide for students, parents and job seekers

  • Resources for Career Planning & Management; Discovering the job involves exploring various guides, reference books and online sources. This pamphlet provides a list of recommended sources.
  • Accreditation of College Degrees; Find reliable sources to verify the accreditation status of postsecondary programs and institutions including private occupational schools, colleges and universities.
  • Websites for Course Searches; Explore websites that offer a wide range of credit and non credit courses for both young and adult students. These resources include colleges, adult education offices well as online degree programs.
  • Financial Aid Assistance; Access financial websites that cater to the needs of all students. This includes sites tailored to interests and community foundations offering support.
  • Resources for International Students; This pamphlet contains valuable information for international students pursuing degrees in the U.S. as well as those interested in learning English or obtaining a high school equivalency degree.
  • Job Opportunities & Online Platforms; Learn about major websites that can assist you in your employment search endeavors.
  • Transitioning After School; Designed for middle and high school students this publication provides a variety of useful websites. It covers topics such, as college planning, college entrance exams preparation tips, study skills guidance, online college applications assistance and resources related to aid.

If you’re starting a career there are resources to help you find the right fit. These include websites that match your interests with careers as well as sites where middle and high school students can explore different career options. You can also find descriptions of careers to get a better idea of what they entail.

Here are some helpful resources;

  • Parent College Prep; This checklist is designed to assist you and your college bound student throughout the college application process.
  • Questions to Ask When Choosing A College; This resource provides a range of questions that students and parents might want to ask college admissions officers or consider while visiting campuses.
  • Teach in Connecticut; If you’re interested in becoming a certified teacher this information will guide you on the path towards achieving your goal.
  • Tuition Aid for Veterans; Veterans can find information here about tuition waivers to them.

These resources aim to support individuals in their career journeys and provide information, for making informed decisions.

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