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ARC Program Catalog


Download the complete ARC Catalog here.



Background on the ARC Program.


ARC Dispositions

The characteristics of effective teachers which ARC applicants should possess.


ARC Program Components

ARC’s 4 components – pre-program activities, program activities, student practicum, and program completion and certification.


Admission Requirements

Eligibility and application requirements.


Subject Area Course Requirements for Admission

Required coursework, by subject area, and transcript analysis and cross endorsement.



GPA and Core exam waivers.  Note there are no waivers for Praxis II.


Foreign Credential Review

For applicants with bachelor’s degrees earned outside of the U.S.


Refunds & Financial Assistance

Costs, refunds, veterans’ benefits and loans.


Employment Upon ARC Completion

The 90-Day Certificate awarded to ARC graduates, and how to secure a teaching position in Connecticut.


How to Apply

Application procedures and an application checklist.


More Information

More information about ARC, teaching certification and teacher vacancies.


Calendar & Program Costs

ARC II calendars and program costs



450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 707, Hartford, CT  06103-1841, Phone:  860-947-1800

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