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Alternate Route Certification

The Alternate Route to Certification (ARC) program offers a paced and flexible pathway for motivated adults who aspire to become teachers. This innovative and demanding program was established as part of the Education Enhancement Act of 1986. Has been available since 1988. It is overseen by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education. Approved by the Connecticut State Board of Education. Over the years ARC has successfully trained than 5,000 teachers. The current focus of ARC is to prepare graduates for teaching positions in areas where there is a shortage as determined annually by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE).

The ARC hybrid program encompasses subject specific teaching methods and foundational courses, such as the Common Core State Standards, classroom management techniques, differentiated instruction strategies, lesson planning approaches, student learning assessment methods, special education and Section 504 regulations supporting English Language learners and integrating technology effectively in classrooms. The ARC faculty members possess experience working in public schools, as teachers, administrators and professors. Candidates are also required to complete a full time practicum placement consisting of 40 school days within the program year. Additionally they must undergo an edTPA assessment. The practicum is individually scheduled to begin either in winter or early spring.

Upon fulfilling all the requirements of the program aspiring teachers become eligible to receive a Temporary 90 Day Teaching Certificate from the Connecticut State Department of Education. Once they have successfully completed the 90 day period teachers can then apply for their Initial Educator Certification with a recommendation from their employing school district.

The average cost for tuition and other expenses is around $6,500.

The ARC Program currently provides certifications in the following areas;

  • Secondary Education, Grades 7 12
    • Mathematics teaching for grades 7 12
    • Science teaching for grades 7 12 (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, General Science & Physics)
    • Business Education for grades 7 12
    • teaching for grades 7 12
  • Grades K 12
    • Teaching World Languages from Kindergarten to grade 12 (French, German, Italian Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese,
      Russian, Spanish & Other World Languages)
  • Grades PreK 12
    • Technology Education from PreK to grade 12
    • Family Consumer Science teaching from PreK to grade 12
    • Music teaching from PreK to grade 12

Highlights of the program include;

  • An certification only program that spans over 9 months (not granting any credits or degrees).
  • A hybrid model designed to support working adults featuring classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as in person classes on approximately two Saturdays per month.
  • Candidates will have access to DSAP (District School Assistance Program) LTS (Leadership Training Series) and various educational opportunities aimed at supporting teaching experience, throughout the duration of the program.Certification Areas

*ARC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training in any subject area based on hiring trends the number of qualified applicants and availability of candidate practicum placements. If a specific subject area cannot be offered application fees will be refunded to applicants in that area.

If you have any questions or need assistance, with your application to ARC please reach out to our partners at TEACH Connecticut.