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Out-of-State Online Registration

Colleges and universities located outside the State of Connecticut may apply to the Office of Higher Education to offer online programs to Connecticut students. Registration is effective until December 31, 2019; thereafter, registration must be renewed on an annual basis. Please be advised that, at this time, the Office of Higher Education does not authorize instruction offered exclusively through internships, externships, student teaching, clinical placements, field placements and/or practical experience.

To apply, please complete all fields below. Institutions deemed eligible must then submit a certification endorsement document signed by their Chief Executive or Chief Academic Officer. The Office of Higher Education will notify institutions once the certification endorsement document is received and all information is verified.

Institutions participating in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement, of which Connecticut is a member, should register for informational purposes only. This data collection allows the Office of Higher Education to better serve Connecticut's students. Institutions participating in SARA do not need to renew their registration annually via this process as long as membership in SARA is maintained.

State of Legal Domicile:

Name of Institution:

Contact Person:

Email Address of Contact Person:

Phone Number of Contact Person:

Physical Address of Institution: 

Mailing Address of Institution: 

Website Address:

Institution approved to participate in SARA:    Yes      No

Status of Institution:
  Public    Private/Independent
  Non-Profit    For-Profit 

Regionally Accredited:     Yes    No    

Name of Regional Accrediting Body:

Any Sanctions or Probationary Status:     Yes    No

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