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Education & Employment Information Center

Contact the EEIC

The Education & Employment Information Center (EEIC) is a central source of free information for anyone who has questions about college, financial aid, careers and job training.

The EEIC can tell you about all types of educational offerings including college, adult, continuing education and job training programs in addition to federal and state college financial aid programs.  We also provide career information, such as job descriptions and services designed to help you find a job. We do not collect job listings, but we can tell you where to find them.

Many who contact the EEIC are adults looking for retraining or new careers. Similarly, the EEIC helps teenagers making college or career decisions, unemployed or dislocated workers exploring job options, adults who have not completed high school, professionals making mid-life career changes, and employers seeking training programs or recent college graduates.

Email the EEIC, visit us on Facebook or click below on topics of interest to you.

I am interested in . . .

. . . a new career.

. . . job listings.

. . . becoming a teacher.

. . . online and on-ground college courses.

. . . financial aid for college.

. . . verifying a school/college accreditation status.

. . . resources for foreign students.

. . . planning for college.

. . . helping my child apply for college.

. . . knowing what questions to ask during my college search.

. . . tuition aid for veterans.

. . . information on all of the above.


450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 510, Hartford, CT  06103-1841, Phone:  860-947-1800

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