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Guides for Students, Parents and Job Seekers


Career Planning & Management Resources Finding the right job involves exploring popular guides as well as reference books and websites. This pamphlet presents a comprehensive list of sources.


College Degree Accreditation Lists sources for verifying the accreditation status of postsecondary programs and institutions, including private occupational schools, colleges and universities.


Course Search Websites Lists websites for colleges, adult education offices and online degrees for young or adult students looking for credit or non-credit courses.


Financial Aid Resources Financial websites for all students appear here, including interest-specific sites and community foundations.


Foreign Student Resources This pamphlet contains information for international students pursuing a degree in the U.S., and students who wish to learn English or obtain a high school equivalency degree.


Job Lines & Web Sites Describes major websites to use in searching for employment.


Life After High School Designed for middle and high school students, this publication lists a variety of websites to use for planning for college, learning about college entrance exams, tips for study skills, applying to college online and financial aid resources. For those embarking on careers, it includes career/interest match sites, career exploration sites for middle and high school students, and career descriptions.


Parent College Prep This checklist is designed to guide you and your college-bound student through the college application process.


Questions to Ask When Choosing A College A variety of questions students and parents may want to explore with college admissions officers or while visiting college campuses.


Teach in Connecticut Information for persons seeking to become certified teachers.


Tuition Aid for Veterans Information on tuition waivers for veterans.



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