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Greetings From

Jane A. Ciarleglio

Executive Director 


Welcome to the Office of Higher Education.


Created in July 2011 (CGS Sec. 10a-1d), our Office provides a wealth of services to students, and to postsecondary schools and colleges.


This website explains the many functions of our Office, from helping students learn about ways to pay for college to assuring that private colleges and occupational schools meet rigorous state quality standards. We operate Connecticut’s highly popular Alternate Route to Teacher Certification as well as state financial aid and AmeriCorps programs. The goal underlying all of our work is to promote access to outstanding and relevant learning.


We hope you will use this website as a convenient source of information on all aspects of higher education in Connecticut.


We welcome your comments and invite you to contact our Office to learn more about our work and ways we can serve you.


With best wishes on your educational endeavors,


Jane A. Ciarleglio

Executive Director


You may reach the Executive Director’s Office at (860)947-1801 or by emailing me at JCiarleglio@ctohe.org


61 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT  06105-2326, Phone:  860-947-1800

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