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State Statutes & Legislative Updates

Alternate Route to Certification Alternate Route to Certification

Connecticut Commission on Community Service

Education and Employment Information Center

Regulations of CT State Agencies
Ebola Update - What you need to know about Ebola
Connecticut Still Revolutionary


Information for Postsecondary Institutions


Academic Approval Process

Licensure and accreditation of independent institutions and programs, and out-of-state institutions


Information Security Policy

Agency policy governing consumer records


Postsecondary Career School Authorization

Approval of postsecondary schools providing vocational training


Searchable Databases

Statistical data for degrees conferred and collegiate enrollment, listings of academic programs and postsecondary institutions


Student Financial Aid


Minority Advancement Program

Grant programs to increase diversity among college students and graduates


Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Program

Awards & administration of teacher professional development projects


Veterans Program Approval & Benefits

Information for certifying officials



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