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Asnuntuck Community College

   Certificate of less than 15 units
   Program Name CIP
   Advanced Manufacturing Welding Technology 150614
   Lean Manufacturing 150702
   Mfg Welding Technology Applications 150614
   Supply Chain Management 150702

   Certificate of 15 to 30 units
   Program Name CIP
   Accounting Assistant 520302
   Business Administration 520101
   Early Childhood Education 131210
   Electrical 150303
   Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Technology 150403
   Entrepreneur 520701
   Gerontology 301101
   Health Career Pathways 510899
   Human Services Management 511502
   Manufacturing Electronics Fundamentals 150403
   Manufacturing Electronics Systems & Controllers 150403
   Manufacturing Welding Technology Fundamentals 150614
   Marketing 521401
   Office User Specialist 110601
   Team Leader Management Skills in Manufacturing 520205
   Team Leader Technical Skills in Manufacturing 150613
   Web Designer 110801

   Certificate of 31 to 59 units
   Program Name CIP
   Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology 480510
   Registered Medical Assistant 510801

   Associate's Degree
   Program Name CIP
   Accounting 520302
   Business Administration 520101
   Communication 090100
   Communication: Broadcasting Option 090100
   Communication: Journalism Option 090100
   Criminal Justice 430107
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Business Studies 520101
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Chemistry Studies 400501
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Communication Studies 090100
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Computer Science Studies 110701
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Criminology Studies 430104
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: English Studies 231401
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: French Studies 160901
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: German Studies 160501
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: History Studies 540101
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Italian Studies 160902
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Mathematics Studies 270101
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Physics Studies 400801
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Political Science Studies 451001
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Psychology Studies 420101
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Social Work Studies 440000
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Sociology Studies 451101
   CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree: Spanish Studies 160905
   CSCU Pathyway Transfer Degree: Biology Studies 260101
   Early Childhood Education 131210
   Engineering Science 141301
   General Studies 240102
   Human Services 511502
   Liberal Arts 240101
   Liberal Arts - Fine Arts 240101
   Technology Studies 150000
   Technology Studies: Engineering Technology Option 150000
   Technology Studies: Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Option 150000
   Technology Studies: Machine Technology Option 150000
   Technology Studies: Manufacturing Electronics and Controls Technology Option 150000
   Technology Studies: Manufacturing Welding Technology Option 150000
   Technology Studies: Technology and Engineering Education Option 150000
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